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eXo Platform

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Studied version : 4.0.3 Website : http://www.exoplatform.com - Google Pagerank : 6 Distributed by : Enterprise (eXo) Licenses : AGPL ; Autre commerciale Technology : Java Year of creation : 2003

eXo is an open source French vendor founded in 2003. The company has offices in France, the United States, Vietnam, Ukraine and Tunisia. It publishes an enterprise social platform.

The latest version, eXo Platform 4 provides a ready-to-use social intranet solution. Its main line of work has been the complete refactoring of its interface , aiming at the best user experience possible.

eXo Platform is distributed under a double licensing model. The source code and a packaged edition are freely accessible via an open source licence (LGPL), whilst an enterprise edition is sold by subscription.
eXo Platform is written in Java and complies with standards JSR 168 and 286 and WSRP 1 and 2. It also integrates a content repository in alignment with JSR 170.


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EN Jorge Eduardo Uliana
Rate this solution the 28/05/2015

“ The Exo Platform was my finding of this year, documentation management, information management, effective communication and collaborative work, all in one... Priceless! ”

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EN Zakawat Ali
Rate this solution the 27/05/2015

“ I found that the eXo Platform has made it incredibly easy to exchange information such as documents and contact data with my team. It is easy for our members to work together using social media. We can collaborate efficiently to prepare documents and to manage all our on-going tasks to achieve excellent results ”

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EN Patrick Cambier
Rate this solution the 23/06/2014

“ The nicest open source portal ! ”

9 persons have the same opinion


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Programming Languages Java, XML, JavaScript, 15 Other
Tags opensocial platform lib client social java exoplatform kofax jsf jsr_283 workflow ftp portal cms dasl dublin_core portlet deltav jcr site_management email content_management project_management forum webdav ecm document_management cifs file_sharing webos jsr_286 jmx wcm jsr_168 collaboration intranet jsr_170 calendar
Download url http://sourceforge.net/projects/exo-social/files/Releases/
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/exo_platform