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EN Mailys Carles
Rate this solution the 13/07/2017

“ Hi there, The version 1.16 of Squash TM has just been released by the team this week. It is possible to download the software for free from the community website: www.squashtest.org Since the version 1.13, real improvement has been made for the customization of the fields and reportings. There is also the possibility to connect with JiraReq and PolaReq in order to feed Squash TM requirements with Polarion and JIRA tickets (issues, enhancement, user story...) ”

EN Mailys Carles
Rate this solution the 22/03/2017

“ Hi, I would like to answer to kl s. Today, it is possible to link Squash TM to Jenkins. It is also possible to execute test campaign in Squash TM and see the results in Jenkins. However, we cannot execute the campaigns directly via Jenkins. FIY, The Squash team just released a new version of Squash TM a few days ago. You can download it from here : http://www.squashtest.org/en/downloads-ressources/contenu-statique/downloads/telecharger-frontpage-3 ”

FR Mouaad ARBI
Rate this solution the 16/06/2015

“ outil interactif & intuitif ”

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EN kl s
Rate this solution the 16/11/2014

“ possible to link squash tm with jenkins? execute test campaign iteration via jenkins? ”

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EN Anoop Kumar C K
Rate this solution the 28/05/2014

“ I have been evaluating the tool for the last one month.The tool looks very promising to me. ”

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Rate this solution the 02/02/2014

“ Simple, fonctionnelle, intuitif, complet! Bravo ”

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Rate this solution the 16/01/2014

“ Très pratique et très proche de QC ”

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FR Safi Virginius
Rate this solution the 16/01/2014
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FR Karine Guilloux
Rate this solution the 16/01/2014

“ Un bon point pour SquashTM qui offre une utilisation particulièrement simple et bien pensé, un bon moyen pour gérer ses test ainsi que ses campagnes d'exécution. Je le conseille fortement, surtout que le temps d'apprentissage de cet outil est très rapide. ”

FR Pascal D.
Rate this solution the 16/01/2014

“ Une solution complète, avec de nombreuses fonctionnalités permettant de gérer le processus de qualification logicielle dans son ensemble (exigences, cas de test, campagnes, reporting). A noter, SQUASH TM s'interface nativement avec les gestionnaire d'anomalies Mantis et Jira (possibilité d'utiliser le plugin payant Jira, pour une personnalisation extrême) A recommander ! ”