WordPress founder becomes head of Automattic

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At the age of 30, Matt Mullenweg, founder of the CMS WordPress, has become the CEO of Automattic, a company he founded in 2005, which contributes to the development and distribution of the solution.

Matt Mullenweg announced on his blog that he has taken the place of Toni Schneider, who has been the CEO of Automattic since its creation in 2005.

The WordPress founder emphasised the productivity of his collaboration with Toni Schneider during the eight years they have worked together. He also stated that the exchange of roles (Mr. Schneider will now focus on new Automattic products, replacing Mr Mullenweg) will not lead to great changes internally, as both functions are rather "fluid", and Mr. Mullenweg already has experience in his new role having replaced Mr. Schneider for a few months last year.

Matt Mullenweg’s closing argument on his blog post was a humorous one relating to him turning 30: "Besides, it’s obvious that no one in their twenties should run a company. They think they know everything, a fact I can now say with complete confidence now that I’m 30 and two days old".


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