Wordpress 3.7 Beta 1: new features

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Wordpress version 3.7 will be released in beta version, announces the wordpress.org site. The final version is scheduled for October, and 3.8 for December.

Among the new features that the community wants to see tested by users, is the daily automatic background update. Following each of these updates, an email will be sent to the user detailing the factors which could have been updated and those which have been. It is recommended to report bugs on a support forum or via a bug report.

Other updates include the automatic downloading of translations available for official WordPress imports and default themes, improvements in the "password-meter" through the Dropbox library: zxcvbn and sorting of search results by relevance and not just by date.

To test WordPress 3.7 Beta 1, the community recommends:

Concerning bugs, the community asks users to report them to the Alpha/beta area of the U.S. support Forum. For a complete report the bug, users need to send a ticket on WordPress Trac. To avoid duplicates, the user should first consult the list of known bugs and those which have already been solved.


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