Umbraco 7: new features of the back office

Umbraco logo

A new version of the CMS is now available. It is distinguished by a complete overhaul of the back-office, it is faster and easier to use.

Umbraco 7 still works with the same engine as version 6; but the CMS has a new back office. The content management interface now offers simplified ergonomics, which are smoother and optimised for multi-channel display (PC, tablet ...) indicates a blog dedicated to Umbraco.

In terms of functionality, you can report new developments in content publishing, media, members and data types. It is also possible to display a large list of contents. Note also that now there is search driven navigation, as well as a better management of processing and loading media.

On the server-side, Umbraco 7, builds on the web application framework ASP.NET 4.5 and, on the client-side, the javascript framework AngularJS, as well as on a Twitter Bootstrap.

Download Umbraco 7.


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