Magento elected best eCommerce solution 2013 by CMS Critic

Magento logo

The solution was selected as the best eCommerce solution by the site for the “2013 Critics Choice”.

CMS Critic justify their choice of Magento with numerous arguments, according to the judges the solution is innovative, quick to market with updates and changes and integrates with top names in the CMS and CRM world.

According to CMS Critic, Magento “has a foothold into the key areas of the market”: the editor, Magento Inc., has a “powerful” Enterprise solution, as well as a Community Edition and the hosting version, MagentoGO. To further prove the solution’s efficiency, CMS Critic state that it is used by eBay.

The critics also praise Magento’s large developer community, its strong theming support and its integration with all kinds of solutions.

Thanks especially to eBay; CMS Critic predicts that Magento will continue their "amazing growth" throughout the years to come.


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