CERN expands its cloud with OpenStack 13/02/2017

logo CERN

The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add some 100,000 calculation cores along with bare metal services.

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OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0 05/01/2017

logo OroCRM

The team developing OroCRM open source customer relationship management has just unveiled the functionalities for the 2.0 version’s major update. What they are delivering: the first landmark stage for integrating the OroCommerce solution with the B2B eCommerce platform and improved interoperability of the platform’s solutions.

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Open source: Report on employment in Europe 10/10/2016

logo Fondation Linux

The recently published Dice/Linux Foundation report on employment in the world of open source software yields two major conclusions: demand for open source skill sets is on the rise, and European companies are struggling to hire experienced professionals.

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Alfresco is the ECM solution created in 2005 by British vendor Alfresco Software, itself founded the same year by former executives at Do...

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New versions/solutions

Solution Category Smile rating Users rating
4.2 5 Liferay Applications
4.3 4.1
3.0 5 Maarch Applications
2.8 3.2
4.4 5 TYPO3 Applications
4.0 4.7
4.5 5 PostgreSQL Development and intermediate layers
4.3 4.6
5.0 5 Moodle Applications
5.0 5.0
3.8 5 OroCRM Applications
3.0 4.5

Users opinions

Bradley Evans
Rate this solution LinOTP le 22/07/2016

“ The codebase is alright, but the documentation is absolutely terrible. There's a lot of inferences you have to make if you're doing an even slightly nonstandard installation (by nonstandard, this means an install not specific to Debian). The extent of documentation on the CLI is that it exists, --help is uninformative, and the CLI itself is buggy. Debug messages sometimes consist entirely of just an emoji/smiley and are uninformative. Overall, a mediocre MFA solution. ”

Zakir Hosen
Rate this solution GLPI le 06/06/2016

“ This is an amazing inventory management solution. we used it for one of our ecommerce project and having really good feadback and functionality from our team members. ”

Patrick Moses
Rate this solution Razuna le 20/05/2016

“ We have been using Razuna for three years, and I happened to come by this site and noticed that there was only 1 review. We've been very happy with Razuna. We started our on Razuna 1.5 and we're currently using Razuna 1.8.2, which is a dramatical improvement version compared to 1.5. There is still room for improvement, but from a user standpoint, it's very easy to use and our team member can start using Razuna with a minimum of training on none whatsoever. I strongly recommend. ”

Open source : Everything you need to know

The benefits of open source in business are huge. Administrators and operators know: nothing is more reliable and efficient than a Linux server to run a Java application server or a database.

In the open source section of this website, you can find news about open source, whitepapers, our open forums and also many tips such as How to build an open source policy or How to choose the most suitable license for the project.


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