Interview: Novius OS Elche: Putting page layout in the hands of functional teams 18/06/2014

Anthony Bleton-Martin Novius OS

The 5th major version of the Novius OS CMS, dubbed Elche after a city in Spain, is scheduled for release by mid-July. Join us in exploring the latest features with Anthony Bleton-Martin, Novius Founder and CEO of Novius, in an interview given for CMSday 2014.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 stable 11/06/2014

Red Hat Enterprise Linux logo

Version 7 of the Linux system is now stable. Here is an overview of the key changes.

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eXo Platform among the “20 contemporary enterprise collaboration tools” according to ZDNet 05/06/2014

eXo Platform logo

The social intranet solution was one of the “20 contemporary enterprise collaboration tools” identified by online tech news platform ZDNet.

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Solution of the week


VoIP / Telephony

Asterisk is an open source private automatic branch exchange (PABX) for UNIX systems. Among other uses, it provides for voice messaging,...

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Users opinions

kl s
Rate this solution Squash TM le 16/11/2014

“ possible to link squash tm with jenkins? execute test campaign iteration via jenkins? ”

Enrico Weigelt
Rate this solution Zimbra le 01/10/2014

“ DO NOT use their "official" binaries - they CANNOT be trusted. I've done lots of Zimbra projects with huge customizations and so digged deeper into the code. For a long time their (published) source code DOES NOT BUILD AT ALL. I've filed lots of bug reports and provided fixes, but all got rejected w/ silly excuses. From the tone @bugzilla, it seems they DONT want anybody being able to build it on their own. Clear indication for EVIL things in the official binaries. Maybe CIA/NSA backdoors ? ”

Terry Hartwood
Rate this solution Akeneo le 10/09/2014

“ Young but very promising PIM software. Really simple and intuitive for non technical users. ”

Open source : Everything you need to know

The benefits of open source in business are huge. Administrators and operators know: nothing is more reliable and efficient than a Linux server to run a Java application server or a database.

In the open source section of this website, you can find news about open source, whitepapers, our open forums and also many tips such as How to build an open source policy or How to choose the most suitable license for the project.


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