DISIC encourages contributions to open source software, proprietary vendors are up in arms 01/06/2015

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DISIC, the French State’s Interministerial Directorate for Information and Communications Systems, has been bravely supporting the transition to open source over the past two years and now plans to allow its civil servants to contribute to open source solutions during their work hours. The reaction of proprietary software vendors was prompt.

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Open source software: adoption is growing, but... 27/04/2015

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A new survey conducted by Black Duck shows a clear increase in the adoption of open source solutions at companies. However, it also revealed a lack of risk management and maintenance.

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India: Open source now compulsory in government administrations 31/03/2015

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Yesterday, the Indian government released a circular letter announcing the obligation to use open source software when building applications and services, in an effort to “ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs”.

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Jorge Eduardo Uliana
Rate this solution eXo Platform le 28/05/2015

“ The Exo Platform was my finding of this year, documentation management, information management, effective communication and collaborative work, all in one... Priceless! ”

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“ I found that the eXo Platform has made it incredibly easy to exchange information such as documents and contact data with my team. It is easy for our members to work together using social media. We can collaborate efficiently to prepare documents and to manage all our on-going tasks to achieve excellent results ”

Brad Stancel
Rate this solution Yii le 24/05/2015

“ After spending quite amount of time analyzing different PHP frameworks, we found that Yii2 was one of the best. It is fast, easy to learn and laid out in an easily understandable MVC pattern. We have had no problem finding whatever libraries we need through composer making it very extensible. Having it integrated with Bootstrap 3 is key for good looking views on web or mobile and the Gii tool for auto-generation of models and controllers is a great time saver. ”

Open source : Everything you need to know

The benefits of open source in business are huge. Administrators and operators know: nothing is more reliable and efficient than a Linux server to run a Java application server or a database.

In the open source section of this website, you can find news about open source, whitepapers, our open forums and also many tips such as How to build an open source policy or How to choose the most suitable license for the project.


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