DISIC encourages contributions to open source software, proprietary vendors are up in arms 01/06/2015

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DISIC, the French State’s Interministerial Directorate for Information and Communications Systems, has been bravely supporting the transition to open source over the past two years and now plans to allow its civil servants to contribute to open source solutions during their work hours. The reaction of proprietary software vendors was prompt.

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Open source software: adoption is growing, but... 27/04/2015

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A new survey conducted by Black Duck shows a clear increase in the adoption of open source solutions at companies. However, it also revealed a lack of risk management and maintenance.

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India: Open source now compulsory in government administrations 31/03/2015

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Yesterday, the Indian government released a circular letter announcing the obligation to use open source software when building applications and services, in an effort to “ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs”.

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Liferay is a good-level open source corporate portal solution that can be used, among other functionalities, to compile content and infor...

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4.2 5 Liferay Applications
4.3 4.1
3.0 5 Maarch Applications
2.8 3.2
4.4 5 TYPO3 Applications
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4.5 5 PostgreSQL Development and intermediate layers
4.3 4.6
5.0 5 Moodle Applications
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3.8 5 OroCRM Applications
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Users opinions

Sebastián Jesús Blanes López
Rate this solution WSO2 API Manager le 09/09/2015

“ WSO2 API Manager is a truly open source solution based on the Carbon platform. Strong points are its open,modular and flexible approach so, to fulfill your requirements, you can combine it easily with: - others WSO2 products, e.g.: ESB+BAM+Identity Server - solutions from other vendors or propietary code (e.g., to build a propietary portal) Weak point is security, but you can install NGINX or equivalent (Apache HA proxy)+mod_security(with OWASP rules) in front of API Gateway to secure it. ”

Noelia Martin Hernández
Rate this solution WSO2 ESB le 31/08/2015

“ WSO2 is a provider of a comprehensive suite of products for SOA architecture. My expertise is on focused in DSS products, API Manager, BAM and of course the ESB, the flagship product. It although not as well known as other products is a software that offers a multitude of possibilities to suit each customer and their needs thanks to its flexibility. It also has the possibility to be expanded very easily with connectors and customized mediators, without neglecting the cost of the license is limited to the support which makes this product a great choice for use in customers with limited spending margins. ”

Asanka Jayasinghe
Rate this solution WSO2 API Manager le 16/08/2015

“ This open source API is good.................(y) ”

Open source : Everything you need to know

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