Open source software: adoption is growing, but... 27/04/2015

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A new survey conducted by Black Duck shows a clear increase in the adoption of open source solutions at companies. However, it also revealed a lack of risk management and maintenance.

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India: Open source now compulsory in government administrations 31/03/2015

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Yesterday, the Indian government released a circular letter announcing the obligation to use open source software when building applications and services, in an effort to “ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs”.

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An open source solution for government archives 24/03/2015

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The French Government is launching work on its VITAM project today, named after the interministerial platform designed to archive the Administration’s electronic documents. Developed in open source, the programme will first concern three ministries for whom archiving issues are of particular importance: Defence, Foreign Affairs and Culture.

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New versions/solutions

Solution Category Smile rating Users rating
4.2 5 Liferay Applications
4.3 4.1
2.8 5 Maarch Applications
2.8 2.7
4.4 5 TYPO3 Applications
4.0 4.7
4.5 5 PostgreSQL Development and intermediate layers
4.3 4.6
5.0 5 Moodle Applications
5.0 5.0
3.8 5 OroCRM Applications
3.0 4.5

Users opinions

Ulrich SOH
Rate this solution Modx le 28/03/2015

“ J'ai par le passé longtemps cherché à me mettre à une solution qui intègre véritablement la notion de CMS. autant pour le développeur que pour l'utilisateur final. Après plusieurs essais, un ami m'a conseillé Modx et j'ai pris le temps de l'apprendre. J'avoue la simple facilité d'intégration d'un template et de ses placeholders fait de lui un outils très flexible. La communauté doit s'y mettre d'avantage pour le propulser. The African ModxOr ”

Dan Schkolnik
Rate this solution OroCRM le 21/01/2015
Franco Hernandez
Rate this solution SugarCRM le 26/12/2014

“ Sugarcrm has so much promise and flexibility, but unfortunately my firm has been unwilling to invest due to the fact the company straddles the line between an open source and a proprietary product. The way the licensing is presented makes it difficult to know if we own the code we develop, and there is always the possibility of being left unsupported in the future. We have recently been investing in the fork of sugarcrm called suitecrm and it answers the vast majority of our issues with sugar. ”

Open source : Everything you need to know

The benefits of open source in business are huge. Administrators and operators know: nothing is more reliable and efficient than a Linux server to run a Java application server or a database.

In the open source section of this website, you can find news about open source, whitepapers, our open forums and also many tips such as How to build an open source policy or How to choose the most suitable license for the project.


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