University of Paris 8 replaces Photoshop with Krita 20/01/2015

logo krita

After a participatory round of financing that raised more than €20,000 in funds, Krita, an open source graphics solution that provides an alternative to proprietary software, has been adopted by the University of Paris 8.

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2015 diary: two European events on virtualization 06/01/2015

logo cloud expo

2015 will be another great year for the fields of virtualization and cloud computing. Many projects and actors will be rubbing shoulders at conferences this year. The largest events of the year include Cloud Expo Europe on 11 and 12 March next in London and VMworld 2015 from 12 to 15 October in Barcelona.

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EU invests €1 million in an open source security audit 29/12/2014

EU invests €1 million in an open source security audit

On 20 December last, the European Parliament announced its investment of €1 million in an audit of the free and open source solutions used by the Parliament and the Commission. This audit will be accompanied by a policy of applying best software practices and by the development of an AT4AM solution for creating amendments, to the tune of €500,000.

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Liferay is a good-level open source corporate portal solution that can be used, among other functionalities, to compile content and infor...

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New versions/solutions

Solution Category Smile rating Users rating
No rating FreeSwitch logo Infrastructure
VoIP / Telephony
No rating No rating
4.1 5 Zimbra Infrastructure
Messaging, Email Marketing & Groupware
4.5 3.6
4.3 5 Piwik Applications
Visitor tracking
4.3 4.3
3.8 5 OroCRM Applications
3.0 4.5
4.7 5 Nginx logo Development and intermediate layers
HTTP and application servers
No rating 4.7
4.0 5 Jahia Applications
3.8 4.1

Users opinions

Dan Schkolnik
Rate this solution OroCRM le 21/01/2015
Franco Hernandez
Rate this solution SugarCRM le 26/12/2014

“ Sugarcrm has so much promise and flexibility, but unfortunately my firm has been unwilling to invest due to the fact the company straddles the line between an open source and a proprietary product. The way the licensing is presented makes it difficult to know if we own the code we develop, and there is always the possibility of being left unsupported in the future. We have recently been investing in the fork of sugarcrm called suitecrm and it answers the vast majority of our issues with sugar. ”

Franco Hernandez
Rate this solution SuiteCRM le 26/12/2014

“ SuiteCRM has answered all of our issues we found troubling with SugarCRM, namely the quasi-open source nature of Sugar. Where we were not comfortable investing in Sugarcrm due to a number of issues with it's licensing, suiteCRM allows us to fully commit and develop knowing we have a solid future. While like others there is the attraction of saving on fees, for us, it is all about 100% ownership of our code and control of our data. Too many commercial options do not let us keep what is ours. ”

Open source : Everything you need to know

The benefits of open source in business are huge. Administrators and operators know: nothing is more reliable and efficient than a Linux server to run a Java application server or a database.

In the open source section of this website, you can find news about open source, whitepapers, our open forums and also many tips such as How to build an open source policy or How to choose the most suitable license for the project.


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